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Looking good

This paeony - Bowl of Beauty is admired by all - its a real stunner!! It's been in the garden for 20 years now and never fails to bloom. When planting paeonies it is important to remember to plant shallowly (herbaceous varieties as opposed to Tree Paeonies). This allows for bud development in future seasons. Planted too deeply will secure a long wait for a successful show of beautiful blowsy blooms. Tree Paeonies (grafted varieties) need to be planted deeply, at least 2 inches above the graft. This is one exception to the normal rule of planting grafted plants well above the soil level, ie grafted pines, Fruit Trees etc...

Bowl of Beauty

This paeony is called White Wings and was planted four years ago. On a hot sunny day, you would be forgiven for thinking of fried eggs, sunny side up, when admiring the blooms!

White Wings

This Clematis is called The President and always has admirers - we have been stocking them at 7.90

The President

This hanging basket of salmon surfinias is set off by the golden hop growing behind (Humulus lupulus Aureus)which we have in stock for 8.90

Golden Hop

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