Lealholm, Whitby, YO21 2AQ, North Yorkshire
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We rent land from Lealholm Estates to grow on Acers, Conifers and Shrubs, Herbaceous etc.. We could live an easier life by buying in stock ready for sale... but where's the fun in that?! We are confident that Poets Cottage plants are acclimatised to our northerly weather conditions, and that with our potting on programmes, develop a healthy root system. The plants are then labelled and barrowed over to be displayed in our Sales area which is adjacent to the landscaped garden. It is within the garden (to which everyone is warmly welcome to browse) that you can gather inspiration, whilst meandering up and down the paths that lead you to practically every inch of the horticultural Paradise!! Note how everything ( well almost ) is clearly labelled, telling when planted, and with full Latin title.

Some stock grows well outdoors others better in polytunnels

Here Helen is wheeling the latest batch from the nursery to the sales area

Helen handles a barrow like an expert

Poets Cottage Shrub Nursery, Lealholm, Whitby, YO21 2AQ : T 01947 897424  - Email enquiries@poetscottage.co.uk
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